Clinics & Camps

All your clinics and camps available online.

Completely redesigned, the student events booking page allows your students to easily book your clinics and camps. It’s available on any device, computer, tablet, or smartphone. It’s also available on a branded (your brand) Android or IOS App.

The student booking screen allows filtering by instructor, dates, and specific events. You can even set your own tags on each one for custom search refinement. Connect online forms that are created within USchedule to gather any information you may want prior to your participants attending. Completed forms are available on the event for viewing and printing. A copy is saved right on the student profile for future reference.

Simple, yet powerful.

Setting up your group sessions is an easy two-step process. Create your event template and then drag and drop on the dates your event will run. It’s that simple. You set every aspect of your clinic or camp, there are dozens of ways to customize each one.

Automated confirmations and reminders.

When your student books a clinic or camp, they will receive a custom, branded email. The software automatically notifies your student of their upcoming appointment with a reminder email and text message. As the instructor, you can also get email and text message confirmations and reminders.

Easy communication.

Need an easy way to contact everyone in one of your upcoming group sessions? With just a few clicks you can send an email, text message, or both. You might want to remind them about the details of the event by selecting a template, or just type out your message to be sent. Have you ever needed to make a last-minute cancellation and had to make calls to every student coming? Now you can simply send everyone in the event a text message right through the software.

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