Shot Tracking

Your students are playing with five different handicaps - like this player!

Driving Accuracy – We analyze driving by the relative severity of each missed fairway.

Approach Shot – We analyze the combination of the approach distance and position of your approach shot.

Short Game – We analyze the combination of how close shots are hit to the hole and errors (shots that miss the green).

Putting – We evaluate putting by distance – the same method as the Tour’s new Strokes Gained – Putting. This accurate putting analysis is not available anywhere else.

Patented Long Game Efficiency Index – Accurately measures a player’s total long game based upon total Long strokes, GIR’s, and relative difficulty of courses played.

Integrated with USchedule, gives you full access to each of your students’ data right from the appointment on your instructor calendar, with a single login. A real-time sync keeps all the data current. Receive an email prior to your students lesson with latest rounds posted and their number one improvement priority.

Unique Features

Our analysis is powered by Strokes Gained methodology and includes the added perspective of comparative statistics from our robust database from thousands of players (men and women) at all handicap levels that is not available anywhere else. This data also enables us to provide accurate relative handicap levels for each facet of your game as well as clearly identify the #1 Improvement Priority that will help you most efficiently get to the next level.

We offer two program options:

  1. We have been providing the most complete Strokes Gained, game analysis possible since 1992. The analysis is Tour level quality, depth with the added perspective of our comparative Target data.
  2. Recently launched, it is an ideal introduction to the power of Strokes Gained analysis with minimal commitment to data recording. For those that so wish, the upgrade to our Tour analysis is simple.

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