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Eric AndersonI have been using USchedule for several years and I continue to be amazed at the flexibility and functionality of their software, as well as their outstanding customer service and support. I have a very complex scheduling situation in a northern climate, including an indoor studio that is open all year around, along with multiple outdoor locations during the season. USchedule handles all the locations and resources effortlessly and keeps me and clients organized. I have also seen increases in my online bookings and gift certificate sales since switching to their email marketing system.

Most importantly, John is always available to promptly and accurately answer any questions I have with the software. I highly recommend USchedule to any golf instructor, in particular if you have a unique situation with multiple locations or other complex situations that require a sophisticated scheduling solution.


Eric Anderson, PGA, GSEM
Twin Ports Golf Studio & Head Men's and Women's Golf Coach at The College of St. Scholastica

Parley Golf Academy


Chris BrookI wanted to tell you that I think the product is TRULY amazing and is making my business life 100% better and streamlined.

I am loving the email marketing system and the analysis data that comes with it. My clients are thrilled with the video upload to their locker as finally they don't have to look for the CDs. They also love the fact that they can review their lesson on the devices whilst they are practising on the range to remind themselves.

I have been looking for something like this for 2 years and I'm so pleased I discovered USchedule.


Chris Brook
International Golf Coach

Parley Golf Academy


The customization that USchedule provides to me when setting up the calendar is so unique and is a great benefit to making the system coordinate with my business.

Just like I am always trying to improve as a teacher, coach and communicator, the people at USchedule are always trying to improve their product and service. Anytime I think of something that would benefit my students with regard to the scheduler, they are always willing to implement it. There's no question the system is very user friendly. With more options that more easily allow the student to book a lesson, all of my students are enjoying using USchedule. USchedule - the online calendar of the Trent Wearner Golf Academy.

Trent Wearner
Proponent Group Member
Trent Wearner Golf Academy
Meridian Golf Learning Center
Englewood, CO


Rob StockeUSchedule has eliminated double-bookings, no-shows, and missed appointments - the students are sent an email or text message reminder so there's no confusion or human error.

The thing my students tell me after visiting the scheduler the first time is how clean the interface is and how easy it is to use. They find themselves spending time exploring the scheduler, and it's a seamless transition from my personal website, so students don't feel that they've even left my site.

The thing that impressed me the most with USchedule was, when I had some suggestions for new features, they listened, asked questions, and then within a couple days, those features were added to the scheduler! That level of customer service is rare these days!

John and Bryan did everything - they worked with my website developers to make the scheduler look and feel like my site, they imported my entire student database, and they trained my secretaries on how to use the program.

At least once per week I'll get a student who books a lesson in the middle of the night - if I didn't have an online system, that lesson might never get scheduled which leads to lost income. The customer service at USchedule is what is amazing - I've called and emailed at all hours of the day, on weekdays and weekends, and within minutes I've had a reply. That attention to client's needs puts USchedule on top!

Rob Stocke
PGA Certified Instructor
Director of Instruction
The Golf Club of Georgian Bay
Alpharetta, GA


Tom SovayMy schedule gets booked out for weeks in advance during the spring and summer golf season. My former method for booking students was either by cell phone between lessons, since my office is on the driving range or golf course, or through the pro shop at the golf course. My business requires that my students are able to conveniently schedule golf lessons, and this was definitely difficult to maintain on a paper calendar.

I began using USchedule and introduced it to my students, encouraging them to go directly to my Web site and book their future lessons. This turned into a no-brainer simply because most of them are online throughout the day, so using a phone turned into an extra step for them. The online scheduler also has a very consistent attitude, it doesn’t get frustrated with numerous requests, as people sometimes do. Bookings became very easy for my students, they could view their calendar with mine simultaneously.

My “no show” and cancellation rate has been cut to nearly zero because people book their own appointments, get reminders and seem to remember their lesson times better when they book themselves.

It is now so simple to manage my schedule well into the future, freeing up valuable time that I can spend with my students rather than maintaining a paper-based scheduler. I would recommend your service to anyone that has scheduling needs.

Tom Sovay
Director of Instruction
PGA Teaching Professional
The Golf Club at Redmond Ridge
Redmond, WA


Scott RobbinsI switched a large teaching facility to USchedule in 2009. USchedule’s professional staff made the transition easy, and they coached all of the instructors through the different features and changes. The ease of moving lessons around, as well as the ease for the student made the move to USchedule seamless. I changed facilities in 2011 and asked USchedule to be my scheduler partner at this new facility. The ease of the move was amazing! USchedule even imported my students from one system to the other, provided help with creating new accounts for the members at the new facility, and added other separate student databases I had. Additionally, the training they provided for their integrated email marketing has made communicating with my students efficient and has produced immediate income. The email marketing has helped immensely in introducing myself and my programs to the members at the new facility. The most important thing to me though has been the email marketing campaign results. I can now monitor my email campaigns to see who has opened my emails, how many haven’t, and how many students have booked as a result of the emails sent. The whole system has resulted in better marketing and more revenue for our facility. I have, and will continue to highly recommend USchedule to fellow teaching professionals to use for all their online scheduling needs. 

Scott Robbins
PGA Member Professional
Director of Instructional Programming
The Old American Golf club
The Colony (Dallas), Texas


Scott RobbinsI am very pleased with the service provided by USchedule. I highly recommend your company to fellow golf professionals, and other business professionals as well. The software is very user friendly, and I use it on my iPhone, iPad, and PC. Your service is very cost effective for all the functionality it offers me as a golf professional. Thank you USchedule!

Rob Camacho
PGA Golf Coach
Arizona Golf Instrucror, LLC
Ahwatukee/Phoenix, AZX

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