Drive more revenue

Offer virtual eGift certificates or physical gift cards that are branded to your brand. Both are tracked through your account from the time of purchase to their usage online or in person at your facility. In your online storefront, offer eGift certificates in different values, and you can even allow customers to enter their own value, if desired. When purchased online, the purchase price gets applied to the eGift certificate for use immediately. Physical gift cards can be purchased at your facility and loaded with any value. The gift cards are branded to your brand, and each have a mag stripe on the back for ease of use at your facility. The gift card number is printed on the card so your customer can also use it to purchase online.


Flexible options for purchasing

When purchasing an eGift certificate online, anyone can purchase one without having an account and then send it to a recipient for a gift, which is perfect for the holidays or a birthday for their favorite golfer. Have physical gift cards by your point of sale for purchase by your customer. The purchase balance is added at the time of purchase and tracked electronically through your account. eGift certificates and gift card balances can be conveniently checked online by your customers.


Management and reporting

Like all the features offered with USchedule, gift certificates are fully integrated and therefore there is no need for a separate system to offer and manage your eGift certificates and gift cards. If an eGift certificate or gift card is presented to you at the time of purchase, easily apply it to your customer's purchase and the amount applied to the purchase will automatically be deducted from the eGift certificate or gift card. Within your account you have access to a management page to set up options and reporting to view all outstanding eGift certificates and card balances.