Build your brand and grow your indoor golf business

Reach your customers with professional looking emails right within USchedule and grow your golf coaching business. Included with the software is a full email marketing system, so you won’t pay extra for external email services that aren’t fully integrated. With your USchedule email marketing, you can send unlimited emails without upcharges based on the size of your database.


Send professional looking emails

You have a powerful email marketing platform at your fingertips right within USchedule. Send branded, professional looking emails that include your logo, pictures, and content with links right back to your branded USchedule booking pages, making it easy for your customers to book tee and simulator times, hitting bays, lessons, clinics, classes, and any other services you offer.


Personalize each email

Since your email is integrated with your USchedule software, you can make each email count with our Insert-a-Field option. Each email sent can include fields right from your account database and customer records, such as students’ names, appointment links, loyalty points earned, and custom reference fields.


Target your emails

With our email wizard, you can send an email blast to your entire customer database, and also target your emails in many other ways. A few options to send targeted emails include customer categories/tags, specific memberships, customers that have (or haven’t) purchased an hourly package, and even customers that have attended specific events, leagues, or tournaments.


Track your results

Once your emails have been sent you can track all the results right in USchedule. View each campaign's statistical results with details on the number of emails sent, how many were viewed, any bounces, clicks generated, and most importantly, track your revenue generated.


Automate your marketing

Marketing automation campaigns can give that personal touch and generate revenue with no additional time and effort on your part. There's almost no limit to the types of automated campaigns that can be created. A few effective examples include birthday wishes, same day follow-up thanking your customer for their patronage, last remaining hour on a prepaid package of hours, customers that haven't booked a simulator or other appointment in X number of days, available simulator rental time on a specific day (to fill unbooked times), and many more.


Drive revenue with promotional emails

Send emails with offers that include trackable coupons that are created within USchedule. You control the coupon offer that can apply to one or multiple services at a percentage or flat amount off, locked to the person that receives the email or allowing your customer to forward to friends and family to use. Each coupon type can be limited to the total number of times it can be used, so you can allow an unlimited number of coupons to be used or limit the number to say the first ten purchases.