Take payments online

Taking payments online makes it simple for your customers to pay for reservations, hour packages, gift certificates, and products. It’s a quick and easy way for you to get paid right away, increasing your cash flow. Daily transactions are batched and deposited directly into your account within 1-2 business days. When your customer purchases a package of simulator hours, membership, or gift certificate online, they can be used immediately to book online with you.


Take payments in person

You can also accept payments at your facility on a tablet, computer, or the Smart Terminal. You can accept all major credit cards and debit cards. With the Smart Terminal, customers can wave their smartphone or wearable over the device for payment, and of course cards can still be swiped, or chip-ready cards can be inserted. You can send a digital receipt to your customer instead of printing one, if desired. If your customer would like to store their card details with you, that can be done securely in an online vault where it can be accessed when your customer is booking online in the future, or you are booking for them.


Memberships - Automated

If you offer monthly memberships, accepting credit and debit cards through USchedule will allow you to automate all the billing. Your customer’s card is securely stored and automatically charged, freeing you up from the task of manually managing these programs and charging cards. If a card is declined, the customer will receive an automated email with a link asking them to update their card details. Declined payments will also auto retry, saving you the trouble of tracking cards that have been declined. You will be notified that the card was declined, and the membership is temporarily suspended until the card has successfully been charged. You can run as many different memberships that work best for your business.


Be in control

Easily set the reservations and services you require to be paid for when booking online. There is a lot of flexibility on which services you require payment for on your account. Offering multiple payment options will increase reservations and reduce your time collecting payment when your customer arrives. Once a transaction is approved, the reservation is marked as paid with the details for the approval. You have extensive report options to choose from, or you can use the report builder to customize a report for your specific needs. With a few clicks you can view, print, or export your report for any date range you choose.