Monthly simulator memberships

Offering monthly simulator Memberships builds player loyalty and drives a steady stream of reliable revenue for you without extra administrative work because USchedule has automated the entire process. One of many Membership options is offering non-peak time to keep your simulators busy. Customers can purchase Memberships online or in person, and if purchased online their Membership is activated immediately and they can start booking online. Your customer's card is securely stored and automatically charged monthly (or at any other regular interval) eliminating the need for you to manage monthly payments and other account administration.


Indoor simulator & hitting bay memberships

Multiple Memberships can be offered to your customers and can be set up to run indefinitely or as a limited time special promotion that will automatically be discontinued for sale after a specified date range. Auto billing options for Memberships range from monthly to yearly. If you have an initiation fee for a Membership, it can be automatically charged at the time the Membership is purchased. You can require a Membership form/waiver to be filled out and signed when a Membership is purchased. The form will be stored on the customer profile once completed and the Membership is activated through the purchasing process. Link all your coaching program Memberships from your website to the purchasing page on your account for a seamless experience for your students to learn more about Memberships and purchase them.


Flexible member perks

Offering Member-only perks will encourage your customers to sign up for long-term simulator Memberships, resulting in consistent and reliable revenue for your indoor golf facility. With Memberships, you can offer additional discount hours, allow booking simulators further in advance, offer extended hours, and offer services not available to non-members. Any unused credit can reset for the next month or rollover for future use and rollover credit can be capped, if desired.