Golf centered POS/tabs

From the very beginning, our POS was designed specifically to be used for golf. Your student can book lessons, clinics, bays, etc. online, and then from the appointment block on your calendar you can create a new TAB when your customer arrives. The POS makes it easy to keep all your transactions in one place, whether they are initiated online or in-person. Just like every other part of our software, everything is integrated so you don’t have to pay additional software fees and learn multiple programs that doesn’t talk to each other.


Running tabs

With a click or tap, you can easily create a new tab for one student, or multiple tabs for a group. The lesson or bay time will automatically add to their tab. While your student is at your facility, you can add additional bay time, products like golf clubs, food and beverage, and you can even add pre-purchased lessons and hours for future visits. If a group is checking out, you can split one tab into multiple tabs, and each customer can pay separately, including splitting the bay time if it wasn’t paid for online. Apply coupons, loyalty points, gift certificates, or other discounts. When you use the smart terminal for accepting payments and because it is integrated with the POS, everything is handled automatically for you.


Equipment and reporting

The POS is compatible with dozens of different devices, including computers, terminals, tablets, receipt printers, cash drawers, barcode scanners, and more. We’ve kept the architecture open so you can choose from different makers of the equipment to meet your specific needs, keeping costs down. The POS can integrate with popular accounting software, and there are many pre-built reports, and you can even create custom reports to view or export the data exactly the way you need it.